X_ITE X3D Player   Test of an OrientationInterpolator to load the correct "value_changed" field prior to receiving events. Two OrientationInterpolator node are associated with two seperate Box geometry. The OrientationInterpolator associated with the Box on the left has a keyValue of 1 0 0 0.785, while the OrientationInterpolator associated with the right Box has the default of no keyValues, or [ ]. As a result, the OrientationInterpolator on the left should initialize its "value_changed" field to the value of its first keyValue, or (0 0 1 0.785). Because no keyValues are provided to the right OrientationInterpolator, it should initialize its "value_changed" field to the SFRotation default value of 0 0 1 0. A Script node reads this value for each OrientationInterpolator, and will translate the associated Box by a value equal to its initially read "value_changed" SFRotation value. When the pointing device passes over the left Box, it should rotate about the Z axis by a value of 0 0 1 0.785 (or rotate 45 degrees) each time it is indicated,then return to its original position. When the pointing device passes over the right Box, it should rotate by a value of 0 0 1 0.0 (ie. it should not rotate at all). D

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Original X3D scene: value_changed.x3d

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