X_ITE X3D Player   Test browser state with no NavigationInfo present. No NavigationInfo node is present in this world. By default, the browser should set its state to that of a default NavigationInfo node. Browser navigation should be a "walking" experience, with an appropriate navigation interface paradigm. Collision detection must be supported. To test collision support, the BOX geometry collides with the viewer avatar. The Box should turn red upon collision, showing that collision detection between a moving geometry, and a stationary avatar is supported. In addition, the viewer should be able to navigate toward the Box geometry in a "walking" type of motioin, and collide with the Box geometry. This should also cause the Box to turn red, indicating that collision detection between a stationary geometry and a moving (navigating) avatar is supported.

Display error: X3D model not shown.

Your HTML browser does not appear to support all features required by the X_ITE X3D player!

Original X3D scene: nonavigationinfo.x3d

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