X_ITE X3D Player   Test ANY NavigationInfo type. A NavigationInfo node with a type of [ANY,EXAMINE,FLY,WALK,"NONE"] is used to navigate this world. The first recognized type (EXAMINE) in the list should be the mode of navigation in this world. If EXAMINE is not a recognized type, then FLY, WALK or "NONE" (in this order), should be the browser's preference. If none of these types are recognized, then any other navigation mode defined by the browser may be used. Because EXAMINE is a required navigation type however, the expected mode for this test should be EXAMINE. In addition, controls for navigating in FLY and WALK should be available, and the user should be able to change to these navigation modes dynamically.

Display error: X3D model not shown.

Your HTML browser does not appear to support all features required by the X_ITE X3D player!

Original X3D scene: any_type.x3d

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