X_ITE X3D Player   Test center field for primitive geometry applied with a ImageTexture. Test browser ability to apply a +90 degree (clockwise) rotation center of (left to right) 0 0, 0.33 0.33, -101.66 -101.66, -.5 -.5, 0.66 0.66 and 1 1 to an ImageTexture mapped to the faces of primitive geometry, mapping with the default primitive mapping rules. The result is (for all faces): Column #1 displays the VTS logo centered horizontally and vertically, rotated clockwise 90 degrees on all geometry faces. Column #2 maps the rotated VTS logo centered horizontally, with the logo spelling SVT on all faces.Column #3 maps the VTS logo exactly as was done in column #1. Column #4 maps the rotated VTS logo with the VTS logo centered horizontally, and spelling TSV. Column #5 maps the same as column 1 and column #3.

Display error: X3D model not shown.

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Original X3D scene: center_primitives.x3d

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