X_ITE X3D Player   Test scale, transform rotation and center of MovieTexture TextureTransform. Test browser ability to apply a +90 degree rotation, with a center of 1 3, a scale of .33 1, and a translation of 0 4.9 to a MovieTexture mapped to the faces of complex geometry. The result is using default complex geometry mapping rules (for the bottom face of the ElevationGrid, the side and bottom end cap of the Extrusion, and the front of the IndexedFaceSet) The geometry faces should map a single, centered V that is 3 times wider than its height, oriented down for its horizontal axis, and right for its vertical axis. Opposite geometry faces should show reversed mapping, and side faces for the IndexedFaceSet should show smeared end pixels of the front and back faces.

Display error: X3D model not shown.

Your HTML browser does not appear to support all features required by the X_ITE X3D player!

Original X3D scene: all_complex_movietexture.x3d

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