X_ITE X3D Player   Map a PixelTexture image to an ElevationGrid. The PixelTexture is RED (lower left quarter), YELLOW (lower right quarter), YELLOW (upper left quarter) and RED (upper right quarter). An ElevationGrid is default texture mapped by aligning the S (horizontal) axis of the PixelTexture with the X axis of the ElevationGrid and the T (vertical) axis of the PixelTexture with the Z axis of the ElevationGrid. The bottom of the PixelTexture coincides with the first row of grid points and the top of the PixelTexture maps to the last row of grid points. Point (0,0) of the image should correspond to the first grid point on the ElevationGrid, and image point (1,1) should correspond to the last point on the ElevationGrid.

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Original X3D scene: ElevationGridExample.x3d

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