X_ITE X3D Player   Test browser ability to map a greyscale with alpha-opacity PNG file and a greyscale with binary transparency PNG file onto the faces of complex geometry. A greyscale version of the VTS logo, with transparent background should onto an Extrusion, an Elevationgrid and an IndexedFaceSet. Because alpha opacity is set to 0 (transparent) for the image background on the Extrusion (left) and IndexedFaceSet (right). The middle geometry, an ElevationGrid, has a binary transparent background color. All geometry will be transparent, except for the VTS logo. The transparent image will be mapped to each geometry using default texture mapping rules.

Display error: X3D model not shown.

Your HTML browser does not appear to support all features required by the X_ITE X3D player!

Original X3D scene: complex_greyscale_alpha.x3d

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