Class ExtrusionEdgeCases


public class ExtrusionEdgeCases extends Object

Scene incorporating extrusion edge cases.

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Scene Meta Information
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title ExtrusionEdgeCases.x3d
description Scene incorporating extrusion edge cases
creator Vsevolod Alekseyev, Vince Marchetti, Roy Walmsley, Leonard Daly, Dick Puk, Joe Williams, Don Brutzman
created 29 January 2016
modified 28 October 2019
TODO add descriptions why each case holds special interest
TODO add named Viewpoints with name for each case
TODO X3D-public email thread
TODO Mantis issue 923
specificationSection X3D encodings, ISO/IEC 19775-1.4, Part 1: Architecture and base components, Clause 13 Geometry3D component, Topic 13.3.5 Extrusion, Section Special cases
specificationUrl TODO github draft X3D 4.0 document
generator X3D-Edit 3.3,
license ../license.html

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