Package Basic.UniversalMediaMaterials

package Basic.UniversalMediaMaterials

Universal Media Materials provide numerous complex Material values to simplify scene authoring and improve geometry appearance.

These Universal Media examples provide a large suite of color-coordinated X3D/VRML Materials for easy usage by authors. Visual scenes are provided for browsing and selection from each collection. Entries can be copied directly or used via (internal or external) prototype declarations.

This library of materials is originally converted from SGI's Open Inventor material examples. Material library selections are also built into the X3D-Edit authoring tool. Example use is further explained in the X3D for Web Authors slideset Chapter 5 - Appearance Material Textures.

This X3D Basic: Universal Media Materials examples archive is online.

The X3D Java Scene Access Interface (x3djsail) package provides concrete classes for each X3D node and statement.

Online: X3D Java Scene Access Interface Library (X3DJSAIL) and X3DJSAIL Javadoc

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