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<meta name='titlecontent='ECMAScriptSaiCreateNodes.x3d'/>
<meta name='descriptioncontent='Java Scene Authoring Interface (JSAI) scene and source code example that show using createX3DFromString to create nodes.'/>
<meta name='creatorcontent='X3D Working Group'/>
<meta name='createdcontent='23 February 2005'/>
<meta name='modifiedcontent='28 October 2019'/>
<meta name='referencecontent=' https://www.web3d.org/files/specifications/19777-1/V3.3/Part1/X3D_ECMAScript.html '/>
<meta name='specificationSectioncontent=' X3D language bindings, ISO/IEC 19777-1, Part 1: ECMAScript, B.3 Create nodes'/>
<meta name='specificationUrlcontent=' https://www.web3d.org/files/specifications/19777-1/V3.3/Part1/examples.html#CreateNodes '/>
<meta name='generatorcontent='X3D-Edit 3.3, https://savage.nps.edu/X3D-Edit'/>
<meta name='identifiercontent=' https://www.web3d.org/x3d/content/examples/Basic/X3dSpecifications/ECMAScriptSaiCreateNodes.x3d '/>
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Index for DEF nodes : HOLDER, SC
<WorldInfo title='ECMAScriptSaiCreateNodes.x3d'/>
<!-- ROUTE information for HOLDER node:  [from SC.children to children ] -->
<Transform DEF='HOLDERtranslation='-2 0 0'/>
<!-- ROUTE information for SC node:  [from children to HOLDER.children ] -->
<Script DEF='SC'>
<field name='childrentype='MFNodeaccessType='outputOnly'/>
function initialize() {
    // Create nodes directly in the parent scene
    shape = Browser.currentScene.createNode('Shape');
    box = Browser.currentScene.createNode('Box');
    shape.geometry = box;
    Browser.currentScene.RootNodes[0] = shape;

    // Create children using the createX3DFromString service
    vrmlCmd = 'PROFILE Interchange  Shape { geometry Sphere{} }'
    tmpScene = Browser.createX3DFromString(vrmlCmd);
    nodes = tmpScene.rootNodes;

    // Nodes must be removed before adding to another scene
    for(i=0; i < nodes.length; i++) {
    children = nodes;

<ROUTE fromNode='SCfromField='childrentoNode='HOLDERtoField='children'/>

Index for DEF nodes : HOLDER, SC

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