X_ITE X3D Player   An animation of human body modeled and animated in 3d Studio Max environment and then translated into X3D environment. Instead of using 'mesh deformation' like in LaetitiaSprints.x3d (by using Character Studio's physique modifier), which was not modular and compact enough for x3d environment, I used this time 'segmented animation' approach: 1- At first we divided up the body into segments such as head, upperarm and forearm... 2- Then we linked each segment to a segment of biped skeleton such as head to bip-Head, forearm to bip-Forearm... (Biped is a pre-built skeleton structure in 3d Studion Max) 3- After that we could create the walking animation by using biped's animation features. 4- We hid all of the biped segments and then did some tweaks on the body at vertex level to fix the breaking points during the animation. 5- It was ready to be exported into VRML and then to be translated into x3d. To have it work properly in x3d environment, we had to add new routes connecting interpolators with nodes. (except all SCALE-INTERP's and some SCALE-ORI-INTERP's) 6- Then we had to fix the main position interpolator (Laetitia-POS-INTERP) by defining new keyValues. (Adding new translation values to its transform node doesn't help anything at all.) 7- Finally we deleted unnecessary interpolators from the file... After that we added DVDController and WaypointControler to have more control of the path she walks...

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Original X3D scene: LaetitiaWithDvdController.x3d

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