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H-Anim Tables of Names and Features

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The following tables of information are related to the H-Anim specification and corresponding X3D H-Anim component. They are provided for developer use.

  Plain Text Data Tables Specification Descriptions
1 HAnimHierarchyWeb3d-19774-V1.0.txt Text-based node hierarchy from approved ISO standard.
Taken from H-Anim Specification, 4.9.5 Hierarchy.
2 HAnimHierarchyH-Anim200x-ISO_IEC_FCD_19774.txt Text-based node hierarchy. Historical and superceded, provided as part of H-Anim 200x draft.
Taken from H-Anim 200x draft Specification, 4.9.5 Hierarchy.
3 HAnimHierarchyWithSites.txt Hierarchy of joints and segments (as before) with corresponding surface-feature sites added (based on skeletal proximity).
Contributed by Joe Williams.
4 HAnimJointNames19774V1.0.txt List of approved HAnimJoint names, combined from several tables.
Combined list constructed from three tables in H-Anim Specification, Joint names and positions are also provided in
5 HAnimSegmentNames19774V1.0.txt List of approved HAnimSegment names.
Excerpted from H-Anim Specification, 4.9.5 Hierarchy.
6 HAnimJointLoa0Names19774V1.0.txt
List of approved HAnimSite names, LOA 0.
Taken from H-Anim Specification, A.3 Level of articulation zero,
7 HAnimJointLoa1Names19774V1.0.txt
List of approved HAnimSite names, LOA 1.
Taken from H-Anim Specification, A.4 Level of articulation One,
8 HAnimJointLoa2Names19774V1.0.txt
List of approved HAnimSite names, LOA 2.
Taken from H-Anim Specification, A.5 Level of articulation Two,
9 HAnimJointLoa3Names19774V1.0.txt
List of approved HAnimSite names, LOA 3.
Taken from H-Anim Specification, A.6 Level of articulation Three,
10 HAnimSurfaceFeaturePoints19774V1.0.txt Surface feature points, used by HAnimDisplacer nodes.
Taken from H-Anim Specification, Annex B, Feature points for the human body, illustrated in Figure B.1 and listed in Table B.1.
11 SiteNameComparisonsByLOA.xlsx Site names comparison by LOA, constructed from preceding text tables.


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These table assets are provided as part of the H-Anim Examples in the X3D Basic Examples Archive scene library by the H-Anim Working Group.
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