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Xj3D is an open-source Java implementation for X3D that has been used to demonstrate many capabilities for valuable projects and for specification development.

We are considering how to further stabilize, improve and accelerate development of the Xj3D code base. This page is collecting ideas for potential improvement.

Source Code Hosting

  • xj3d.org has hosted the source for many years
  • The NPS branch of Xj3D is used for experimental development.
    • Proven changes and unit tests are integrated back into the Xj3D trunk when stable.

In order to achieve greater participation and development, the code needs to move to a stable public open-source repository. This will gain a lot more visibility among programmers who might want to contribute.


  • Web3D already has numerous assets checked into the Sourceforge X3D project
  • Multiple participants have experience with using and administering this site
  • The current code is in subversion, this can be migrated completely


  • GitHub includes the X3DOM project and a few other X3D-related projects

Mailing List

Web3D Consortium maintains the mailing list archives.

  • Discussion list source@web3D.org is a misnomer and can be restarted as xj3d@web3d.org
  • This list is also used for discussions on the SourceForge jgeom project
  • Commits list source_x3d_cvs@web3d.org and commits account cvs-user@xj3d.org are also mis-named since subversion is used