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X3D Multitexture needs a complete review of current capabilities to ensure that proper support is required.

X3D Specification and Possible Technical Issues

Multitexture capabilities are defined in the Texturing Component of the X3D Specification.

Technical problems and issues

  • Yvonne Jung reports
    Having multiple textures for shaders is possible, but the compositing modes defined in the spec
    basically exactly map to some around >12 year old GL extensions from the pre-shader times.
    So, no, it won't supported in that way.

Although it appears that good support is becoming available by different players, we do need to confirm that they are generating and rendering models consistently.

X3D Players Implementing Multitexture Capabilities

Player support for X3D components summarizes currently known capabilities for all players and all components

BS Contact

  • Bitmanagement Feature Labs provides a Multitexture Lab allowing live modification of an example scene

Castle Game Engine


Instant Reality



X3D Authoring Tools Implementing Multitexture Capabilities

Tool support for X3D components summarizes currently known capabilities for all authoring (and conversion) tools and all components


X3D Tooltips


Example Scenes for Testing

Next Steps

  • Comments and additional entries for this page are welcome
  • We need comparable example scenes for testing
  • We need to perform a detailed review the technical comments for possible specification changes and clarifications
  • If needed, any X3D specification changes will likely become part of X3D version 3.4