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This page is deprecated, use Heritage instead.

The Cultural and Natural Heritage Working Group is developing an open interoperable standard for the Archival and Retrieval of cultural heritage and natural objects based on input from a wide variety of imaging modalities. Millions of cultural heritage artifacts populate our museums and about 90% still await discovery in museum archives. In addition there are millions of natural objects, such as insects, hidden in museum drawers. 3D Digital models can provide arbitrary availability and concurrent access to digital alternates of heritage artifacts for historians and scientists. Moreover, virtual presentations (combined with new forms of presentation technologies, such as hybrid exhibitions) can be used as a means to increase attractiveness and public engagement.


  • Define Web3D Consortium strategic goals for open standards for Archival and Retrieval of cultural and natural heritage objects
  • Discuss data size, work flows, scanning, processing tools, publications and best practices
  • Characterize Cultural Heritage requirements and activities by museums, anthroplogy and government agencies


  • There will be a workshop at Web3D 2015 about Cultural and Natural Heritage. Go to the link to get all the information about submission!.

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