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How-To instructions for preparing X3D files from the commercial CAD systems.


Commercial 3D CAD application by Ashlar-Vellum [1]

  1. From the Argon document, use the "File > Export..." menu command to export as a "*.WRL" file; use the VRML V 2.0 option, save the file with .wrl extension.
  2. Use X3D-Edit application "Import as X3D > Import VRML97 Scene" command to convert VRML scene to XML encoded X3D.
  • If the original Argon model contains a single ACIS_Solid object, it will be converted to a single IndexedTriangleSet node.
  • If the original model is a collection of surfaces, they will be converted to a collection of IndexedTriangleSet nodes, and the coloring of individual faces will be preserved in the X3D model. Argon allows breaking up a solid into a collection of its faces as a "Change Object Type" operation.


Blender [2] is free, GPL open source 3D modeling software. At version 2.77 it offers X3D import and export options in the base distribution.

  1. Import : File > Import menu offers import of X3D content directly into blender
  2. export: File > Export offers direct export of X3D content from Blender

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OnShape [3] is collaborative 3D CAD system that works in a web browser. Parts and assemblies created in OnShape can be converted to X3D files by exporting a STEP file from OnShape and then performing a STEP->X3D translation.

  1. In OnShape the Export action is performed using a pop-up menu from the Document tab. Use the OnShape "Help" feature, search on 'export files', for user-interface assistance.
    1. The file will be exported as AP 214 (automotive design). An OnShape assembly will be exported to a STEP exchange file in which the assembly tree is preserved.


Tinkercad [4] is an online 3D CAD system aimed at 3D printing users. It offers direct export as X3D files.

  1. Click the "Download for 3D Printing" button and choose the ".X3D Colors" option
    1. Downloaded file is in the "Interchange" profile and will have a single IndexedFaceSet node with color-by-triangle coloring.


Clara.io [5] is an online 3D modeller with a "lookl and feel" similar to Blender. It offers direct export to X3D files.

  1. Choose the "Web eXtensible 3D" option for "Export All " or "Export Selected" menu items under the "File" menu
    1. Downloaded file is in the "Immersive" profile.