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How-To instructions for preparing X3D files from the commercial CAD systems.

Ashlar-Vellum Argon


  1. From the Argon document, use the "File > Export..." menu command to export as a "*.WRL" file; use the VRML V 2.0 option, save the file with .wrl extension.
  2. Use X3D-Edit application "Import as X3D > Import VRML97 Scene" command to convert VRML scene to XML encoded X3D.
  • If the original Argon model contains a single ACIS_Solid object, it will be converted to a single IndexedTriangleSet node.
  • If the original model is a collection of surfaces, they will be converted to a collection of IndexedTriangleSet nodes, and the coloring of individual faces will be preserved in the X3D model. Argon allows breaking up a solid into a collection of its faces as a "Change Object Type" operation.