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*STEP to X3D Translation
Methods for converting STEP (ISO 10303) exchange files to X3D files. Here we focus on direct translation; an alternative method will be to read import a STEP file into a full featured CAD program and then export either as X3D if avallable or export as VRML, then perform a VRML -> X3D translation.

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  • Introduction

  • Purpose of X3D for CAD

What do we want to do with X3D CAD profile? What are the relationships with STEP and with COLLADA?

  • History

Links to X3D history X3D CAD profile history

  • Principles
    • CAD profile philosophy
    • X3D CAD Nodes
    • Patterns and practices
  • Examples

Detailed examples

  • Evolutions to come

X3D BRep? Current work