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(partial capture of discussion in first 36 minutes of meeting.)
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Attendees: Don Brutzman, Dick Puk, Myeong Won Lee, and William Glascoe

Agenda Item: SFRotation (x,y,z) implementation

MWL: Explained her experiments with SFRotation (x,y,z) in her H-Anim browser versus others DB: BVH (C++) code converted to Java before my trip to Korea; He should be able to

WG: There should be

MWL: C# (a compiled language that based on C++ according to MS)

DB: This is an important question. Roy W. is the right person to talk to. He worked on specs and code generation for Java Language binding, JSON encoding, XML encoding, VRML encoding. This means if we can come up with good design patterns we create entire APIs. Don with track and suggest this be an agenda item for the Korean chapter. This is an X3D working group agenda item than H-Anim's agenda.

MWL: It is difficult to send/receive to/from a web browser now.