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Attendees: Myeong W. Lee, William O. Glascoe, Dick Puk, and Don Brutzman

1. Leonard comments

- H-Anim default pose: I, T, A

Don will review an email MWL said she will compose on her position regarding the implications of the three initial poses for humanoids.

2. SIGGRAPH Web3D standards draft meeting, August 9 (Sunday) at 1-5pm

   Place: Sheraton Los Angeles, Room Venice
 1) Draft review

revise: "Draft Specification Review"

  - H-Anim motion capture animation

MWL will share her C++ conversion code before the meeting? Don is looking for a volunteer to help build a second implementation in Java for conversions, open source, which he will incorporate in X3D-Edit.

   - H-Anim facial animation

Don asked there is a sharable demo yet?

  - X3D chroma keying

Should be interesting. It has been suggested that chroma keying might apply to all textures. Dick suggested the abstract specification should be amend for this useful feature so all texture nodes will have it.


Of related note is that Background and BackgroundTexture nodes includes definition of transparency. So irregularly shaped X3D overlays on top of HTML or desktop backdrops are possible.

    - X3D physical sensors

Have X3D prototypes been constructed yet? That will encourage repetition and experimentation

   2) H-Anim WG meeting
    - H-Anim musical character animation contest

- Review of slides, agenda for H-Anim BOF on Monday afternoon


http://www.web3d.org/event/x3d-xroads-3d-web Humanoid Animation (H-Anim): Monday 10 Aug 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM- Los Angeles Convention Center - Room 504 H-Anim is being enhanced to portray anatomically correct humanoids with interchangeable motion capture. This includes extending use for medical records and different skins. Presenters: Myeong Won & Don Brutzman


- Rigid Body Physics demo by TEI Lab Crete - Neutral pose issues: add configuration capabilities - Review of shared issues with Medical Visualization Working Group (medically accurate articulating joints of the whole child and adult human bodies) - Review of Skin issues (Joe Williams is passionate about) - Review flyer (William Glascoe will draft) and website

3. Scheduling next meeting: Face-to-face (and teleconference if the Internet is possible)

  Time: August 9th at 4:00pm PDT (10th, 8:00am KST)
  Place: Sheraton Los Angeles, Room Venice (SIGGRAPH)