Jan 10th, 2016 at 4:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Attendees (in Seoul, Korea):

Don Brutzman Myeong Won Lee Richard Puk

in USA:

William Glascoe

Don: What is the source of the names for the (Anatomy Mapper) terms. Find out the source. Find out if he wants to participate. Don: Do you think the Anatomy Mapper terms will correlate to Joe's facial mapping? Have you contacted the author? What is his reference for the terms (facial regions). MWL: I haven't contacted the author. WOG: I will contact the author of the Anatomy Mapper about the terms (regions of the skin, each boundary) DB: One reference for skeleton and one for skin. The Anatomy Mapper is a default until further notice. The Foundational Model of Anatomy is a reference for

We reviewed ISO 7250 Human Body measurements (different than what is the nomenclature for skeleton and skin) but

Don/Dick: Web3D H-Anim needs normative references for Skeleton, Skin and Body measurements if we use them in the H-Anim specification.

MWL: We have ~70 facial regions but need to assign them into a complementary 4-tier Level of Articulation

WOG: I suggest human emotions have to be mapped or traced to expressions which are mapped/traced to facial regions' contraction/relaxation states.

WOG: Presented my 3D Body Scans in a Year brief given to the audience in Lugano, Switzerland.

MWL: 28 regions are sufficient for LOA2

H-Anim Music Video Contest

When do we release the call. Jung Ju knows about the sponsor. We don't have the commitments from our administration on prizes we have recommended.

Don: Who are the judges for the contest? William, Myeong and Anita are good choices. Dick and I will help as needed. Recuse yourself if you have students who are competing.

MWL: KIAST officials will judge as necessary.