Feb 03rd, 2016 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Don Brutzman, William Glascoe, Myeong Won Lee, Dick Puk

Reviewed the LOE2 and LOE3 facial segmentation (regions) for discussion of adequacy.

William: We need to added ~10 regions for a tongue and add ears. MWL: I need to added teeth to the LOEs. William: The teeth need to movable (i.e. wiggle in place like they do in a child loosing teeth or an older person with gum disease).

Dick: You should not start with an arbitrary number of facial region but a mapping of facial expressions (i.e., emotions) necessary to control the face to render the most likely expressions authors will attempt to model.

Don: I only think about X3D Edit!

Music Contest discussion:

Korean sponsors are unsure of committing money for first and second place prizes next year. Music must be included in the contest. Moreover, the genre of the music must

Don recommends we proceed with the contest preparation and present the announcement to the Korean sponsors. If they accept it we add their names and post the announcement on the Web3D Consortium web page. It will be preliminary. MWL will provide deadlines to Anita H. for the preliminary announcement. Anita needs the write in a day.

Korean Chapter Committee: