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Contour2D : X3DNode { 
  MFNode [in]     addChildren         [NurbsCurve|ContourPolyline2D]
  MFNode [in]     removeChildren      [NurbsCurve|ContourPolyline2D]
  MFNode [in,out] children       []   [NurbsCurve|ContourPolyline2D]
  SFNode [in,out] metadata       NULL [X3DMetadataObject]

The Contour2D node groups a set of curve segments to a composite contour. The children shall form a closed loop with the first point of the first child repeated as the last point of the last child and the last point of a segment repeated as the first point of the consecutive one. The segments shall be defined by concrete nodes that implement the X3DNurbsControlCurveNode abstract type nodes and shall be enumerated in the children field in consecutive order according to the topology of the contour.

The 2D coordinates used by the node shall be interpreted to lie in the (u, v) coordinate space defined by the NURBS surface.