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Working Group chairs keep the following pages up to date:

  • We estimate there are upwards of 1,000 H-Anim Use Cases to fully characterize the human experience from the time all the bones of a human are formed or developed through

final disposition of the human body (mummification, cremation, burial, etc.). The vocabulary for human behavior (including misbehaving in all cultures, societies, etc.) serves as our baseline. Ontologies, taxonomies, classifications, encyclopedia and handbooks for human behavior are starting points for deriving the skeletal and skin motions for each concept, term and are categorized by:

1. duration of animation (measured in seconds: 3 - 30,000) 2. total joint angle displacement (displacement spectrum-percent of total possible displacement per joint) 3. angular rate of displaced joints (displacement speed spectrum - percent of maximum displacement) 4. simultaneity of joint displacement (percent of total joints in motion)

Moreover, this Working Group shall bin Use Cases in to those the WG are 1) likely to prototype 2) not likely to prototype and 3) will not prototype.

The complexity and duration of H-Anim scenes will correlate with the (actions) terms, (motions) concepts and (movements) behaviors of humans in natural and man-made environments with and without constraints of hand-held objects, clothing, etc.

Below are sample H-Anim Customer Segments (Authors and Consumers):

  • Use Cases (titles only) by Customer Segment (Authors and Consumers):

High Schoolers (half gross and half fine motor control)

Animate individual performance on sport team using official contest
times (and/or video footage, body sensors, MoCap, etc.) <6 minutes
Animate a schoolyard fight between only two students (<4 minutes)
Animate his/her character in a school play's scene (< 5 minutes)
Undergraduates (some fine motor control)
Animate assembly of consumer product requiring three or more tools
and the assistance of another person (<15 minutes)
Animate the operation of a motor vehicle's controls while the vehicle
is in motion (<15 minutes)
Animate the operation of a human powered vehicle on various surfaces
(<10 minutes)
Graduates (a lot of fine motor control)
Animate playing a musical instrument during a concert performance (<
15 minutes)
Animate folding a load of functionally realistic clothes (< 20 minutes)
Animate hunting wild game (<20 minutes)
Animate four classes of surgical procedures with Bio-CAD and
patients' images (replacement, implantation, ...tetomy and
transplantation) [<60 minutes]
Animate a job interview for a white collar position (e.g., Chief
Executive Officer of a mid-size corporation) [<30 minutes]
Animate dying (fratricide, suicide and homicide) [<15 minutes]
Animate long duration spaceflight effects [<180 minutes; representing
18,000 minutes]
Animate the bends (scuba diving incident) [<60 minutes]
Animate drug addiction [<60 minutes]