Technology Contributions

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The Web3D Consortium is always happy to receive proposals for Technology Contributions that might help to advance 3D graphics on the Web.

Experience has shown that dedicated work can get new technology integrated correctly and well. Many approaches are possible, since the X in X3D stands for Extensible. As part of our technical due diligence to ensure interoperability, working groups build and test at least two implementations for any new capability, and at least one of those implementations must be open source to ensure repeatability.

The Web3D Consortium's member-driven process provides a proven pattern for success. Many different companies and individuals have worked together have delivered multiple generations of standards progress for 3D graphics.

Please contact the X3D Working Group cochairs or contact Web3D Consortium to discuss your idea. Dialog and questions are always welcome.

Information needed for a formal technology contribution typically includes the following:

  • Name and affiliation of Contributor
  • Name of Technology
  • Description: what problem does this technology contribution solve? how does it work?
  • What capability might it add to 3D graphics on the Web?
  • Relevant standards, as appropriate (for example X3D Graphics, X3D Compressed Binary Encoding, Humanoid Animation, Augmented Reality, etc.)
  • Are there any associated patents or license restrictions?
  • Is the contributor a Member of Web3D Consortium?
  • Is there an example implementation available? Is it open source or proprietary?
  • Are there any usage examples (either content or code)? Are there any test cases?
  • Is there documentation available?
  • Willingness to provide a briefing or participate in X3D Working Group efforts on this topic?
  • Additional individuals or organizations involved
  • Open issues, future work, and opportunities for community participation
  • Goals regarding any public announcements regarding this contribution

Complete responses are not needed, and all suggestions are diligently considered. What other concerns might you have? Our primary goal at first is just to get a sense of what you hope to accomplish.

Informal suggestions are also welcome. Open dialog often occurs on the x3d-public mailing list (subscribe).

Contributors often decide to Join the Web3D Consortium to help protect their valuable investments of effort. All contributions need to follow the Web3D Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy in order to be formally accepted. Similar to HTML, this approach has kept the X3D Graphics International Standard royalty free with no cost required for any use.

We want to keep building on decades of progress with VRML, H-Anim and X3D to benefit the entire Web. You are always welcome to contact us and discuss your goals.

Thank you for considering these possibilities and proposing opportunities for progress.