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SIGGRAPH 2012 Meeting: Kwan-hee, Dick, Don, Nicholas, Myeong-Won


  • MOU with IMS is being executed
  • Consider Best Practices: collect common design criteria
  • Publishing
  • dig into design documents of formats and see how one can use 3D
  • ePub
  • IDPF
  • Presentations
  • examples of slide sets (3 paradigms: all X3D, HTML5/X3DOM, X3D in PowerPoint)
  • show templates and how-to
  • integrating 3D into Wikis (mediawiki,
  • X3D, X3DOM into PDFs
  • Management of course material
  • IMS Learning Consortium ... Content Cartridge
  • storing user interactions /events from the VR
  • Nicholas 3D Medical
  • architecture, see
  • Don Web graphics book examples and slides, OpenOffice and DocBook
  • ...?

IMS Meeting in October in Korea