September 11th, 2013 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Attendees: Joe Williams, Myeong Won Lee, Don Brutzman, William Glascoe, and Kwan-Hee You

1. The descriptions about the presentation files at the SC24 meeting 2013 in Sydney.

2. Procedure for designing an H-Anim character with a general design tool

A PDF file describing the procedure is on the H-Anim wiki at:

The last picture in the brief is an example of why humanoid characters should be built in to realistic sizes. 3DS Max will help you create a skeleton to human scale (Forward Kinetics Inverse Kinetics FKIK chain; for a biped); Maya too. 3DS just has bones in the UI and don't mention joints or joint centers (it is hidden from the user) but Maya does mention joints. Consider adding site locations because they can be important for sensor and viewpoints as you work with it.

3. H-Anim wrl to x3d converter (test version)

- Conversion from H-Anim WRL to H-Anim X3D - Requirement for H-Anim WRL: unit and length, names of joints and segments, center of each joint

The conversion program and example character data are on the H-Anim wiki at:

The converter program was developed with Visual C++ and glut. The 10 characters were converted with this program.

What would I do different if I started all over? Placing the center in a realistic center in the model For example, Sacroiliac position (usage of scale factor = 0.25 to shrink it) The humanoid root is the parent of all the joints -- looks like it in there now. Feed animations to it without editing.

4. Data format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial, and Other Biometric Information, NIST, special publication 500-290 version 2 (2013) - Posted by William Glascoe

William will upload a summary of how this specification relates to our H-Anim NWIP. He thinks the formats will be used as textures for meshes of skeletons.

5. Other topics.

Comprehensive joint naming is needed and that requires we use the medical terms the subset of all joints in adult humans. William wonders how to engage the Quantified Self community in the specification by ingesting QS data into individual databases with H-Anim based User Interface.

6. Scheduling next meeting

(4th Mon) September 23rd at 5:00pm PDT (24th, 9:00am KST) OR (1st Wed) October 2nd at 5:00pm PDT (3rd, 9:00am KST)