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Two primary specifications govern this work: the X3D and the H-Anim International Standards. The H-Anim standard describes functional information in full detail, while the X3D specification simply references this work and maps constructs into X3D nomenclature. Working group members: only refer to the official version as we confirm current capabilities and rejuvenate future work.

X3D v3.3 specification, H-Anim Component

H-Anim specification, current

H-Anim specification, incomplete draft change

  • H-Anim Working Draft Amendment WDAM1
    • http://igraphics.com/Standards/ISO_IEC_19774_WAM1_2009_01_12/index.html
    • This draft amendment proposed new capabilities for H-Anim and is a reasonably complete document.
    • It was never approved by Web3D Consortium nor submitted to ISO.
    • We are interested in learning whether any implementations exist that demonstrate these proposed changes.
    • It stalled when working group activity ceased circa January 2009.
    • Added items in this draft "change document" can be reconsidered by the reactivated working group.