Nov 5th, 2014 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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  • Myeong Won Lee
  • Jung-Ju
  • Dick Puk
  • William Glascoe
  • Don Brutzman


1. H-Anim Facial

12 MB of files (Powerpoint and *.mov files (10) of facial animations)

2. H-Anim Hands and Feet

3. H-Anim Music 3D Contest

We would like to suggest an online contest to compose and create a musical performance video using H-Anim and X3D. The intention is that the contest would be an annual event for the H-Anim WG.

Don suggested the inclusion of cash prizes, children &adult stories and medical scenarios.

Procedure, materials, announcement, take some time to prepare these items. Who apply the X3D/H-Anim application? MWL tells how much time students like/love music, characters and Korean Arts. MWL suggests there be one prize to limit expenditure.

William suggested there be an enduring relationship to producing more X3D/H-Anim content in not-for-profit and for-profit projects that have the choice to use X3D/H-Anim. Don asked when should the contest occur. MWL said, "SIGGRAPH 2015". Beforehand, say 2 months, the Web3D H-Anim WG should announce the contest with materials (procedures) for contestants.

Tentative H-Anim Music 3D Contest Schedule Milestones:

  • Jan 2015 - announce contest
  • Apr 2015 - deadline for submissions
  • Jun 2015 - announce winners (at SIGGRAPH)

Are you rewriting Part I? MWL said, "Updates only." MWL is editing the specification (Part II) for the MoCap work. Don pressed that MWL submit a rough draft in Dec 2014. Don and Dick will review and comment MWL's submission in Jan 2015. Dick wants an outline before MWL's submission.

William addressed two emails he CC'ed MWL on. He send an email to Neuroelectrics asking if they are building a database of human movement and EEG signals with the intent of exploring the importation of EEGs to control an H-Anim character. The other email was to Prof. Michael Vorlander at Aachen University (Germany) about the error analysis of acoustic VR for given Head-Related Transfer Functions.

4. Scheduling next meeting

(3rd Wed) November 19th at 5:00pm PST (20th, 10:00am KST)

Everyone agreed to meet at the suggested time and date later this month.