May 21th, 2014 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Attendees: Myeong Won Lee and William Glascoe Duration: 40 minutes

Interpreting BVH data reference: [1]

1. BVH conversion to X3D Interpolators

  - Rotation order comparison between BVH and X3D
  - Rotation order in X3D SFRotation (x => y => z) ?
  - Rotation order in BVH (definition of rotation order) 

Myeong Won Lee tested the converted file using our Suwon viewer and the BS viewer as follows:

(1) X3D H-Anim + BVH motion using our Suwon viewer

Our viewer displays the BVH kick motion of an X3D H-Anim character as in this video:

(2) BVH conversion into X3D Interpolators and the BS Contact Viewer

The BS Contact viewer displays the BVH kick motion, but with some slight differences. See the attached X3D file, including the converted interpolators.

(3) Comparison of BVH rotation and X3D SFRotation at each joint

The difference in motion comes from the difference in the order of rotation. The Suwon viewer shows the same result as in the BS viewer if the rotation order is changed to x,y,z.

WG members, please watch the *.AVI file Myeong Wong email us before the next meeting. The video shows Suwon's viewer on the left side, and BS Contact's viewer on the right side.

2. H-Anim WG Meeting at SIGGRAPH

  - August 14 (Thursday) 9:00-12:30  PDT (Tentative)

3. Scheduling next meeting:

  June 4th (Wednesday) at 5:00pm PDT (5th, 9:00am KST)

William will collaborate with Mike Aratow on the best numbering system / nomenclature for Hwan Lee's hand joint hierarchy proposal.

William will collaborate with Joe Williams on the solution to Myeong's BVH Viewer and BS Contact viewer discrepancy.