May 20th, 2013 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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Attendees: W. Glascoe, D. Puk, J. Williams, D. Brutzman and Myeong Won Lee

Last Minute Cancellation: David Bruner (SizeStream) and Roger Nelson (Motionwerx)

1720PDT Meeting convened by Myeong

1726PDT Review names and joints validation (have not been changed by MWL)

1729PDT Q1: value for joint locations? Not segments, right? Those values present in the example are for a specific person the US and European (adults). Not nominal values (not typical).

start with a symmetrical figure and modify it for a specific person.

DB: Joint center vs. H-Anim segment translation. JW: constraints (upper and lower limits in the joint code; maybe a table in the Motion Definition specification; see Sandy Ressler's NIST data; )

MLW: Discusses her H-Anim figure construction JW: script converts Euler angles; another script interpolates way points because you are telling it what time it is. MLW: Uses 3DS Max and has questions about how to ... cannot upload the picture to the Wiki; have to upload the whole file instead; MLW asked Leonard Daly for help; Don requested MWL resend an email so they can fix the problem

DP: Figure what motion data is required to do MoCap; create a syntax so others can use the data directly MLW: MoCap file BVH file contents (simple); the problem is JW: you are bringing in Framing data and MoCap data (for a special app of video); suggest bringing your data to the right place; combining the two is too complicated; use a timer to specify if using the data for video at XYZ intervals MWL: there is no interpolation problem; ...we just use the data set.

In the Medical Working Group meeting today, SenseGraphics reports that the open-source H3D Viewer has H-Anim support built in and they want to test it further with us; they have also written a Blender exporter for H-Anim, currently for internal use only; they are considering releasing it for integration into Blender; this provides a new answer to a old question, how do we get more Humanoids and tests of human behaviors?! this is very good news for this WG; enforces the need to be scrupulous with H-Anim improvements.

Action Items

  • Find a source of minimum and maximum joint rotations as a function of human gender and age group. Determine the center of rotation movement too.
  • JW will walk through how the interpolator works with MWL; she'll set up a time or exchange emails with Joe Williams
  • JW: Wants to understand how folks are making video from interpolation nodes
  • DB: Insert editorial notes into MLW draft Motion Capture document to organize the upcoming work: compare and contrast approaches to accomplish each goal

We agreed to meet again in 2 days (Wednesday PDT/Thursday KST, same time). Remaining agenda items:

  • Web3D 2013 conference and SIGGRAPH 2013 conference meetings
  • Discuss reopening New Work Item Proposal (NWIP), can we do it soon?

1830PDT discussion complete