Jul 23th, 2014 at 5:00pm PDT, Agenda and Minutes

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William, Dick, Myeong, Don Brutzman, and Kwan... convened the teleconference at 8:10 pm Eastern, 23 Jul 2014.


Review slide set

Don Brutzman requested his name be removed from the briefing since he didn't author the content presented.


- Include a side on the H-Anim WG Overview (i.e. Charter excerpts, members, expertise, market influence, liaisons...) - Why audience members should join the Consortium, H-Anim WG, be assigned to NWIP line item(s). - Why audience members do not want to join the Consortium, H-Anim WG, be assigned to NWIP line items(s) - What events (code-a-thin, hack-a-thon, )


Motion Capture

Facial Animation (is closely related to work in automatic speech recognition and biometrics)

- Jung-Ju Choi, Ajou University (Proposer of ... Part 3: Facial Animation NWIP)

  1. digital face modeling ( MPEG-4 uses the term: ace Definition Parameters (FDP))
  2. digital face simulation
  3. digital face animation

features sites partitions deformations end effector object types (face, joint, partition, feature, deform)

Sat, 16 Aug 2014 (before the ISO meeting) Dick and Don will have an H-Anim meeting for half a day. Don invited Jung-Ju to work on an X3D example of the humanoid face model concepts he proposed.

The facial parameters MPEG-4 uses are in http://www.visagetechnologies.com/uploads/2012/08/MPEG-4FBAOverview.pdf, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Face_Animation_Parameter and Visual Speech Recognition: Lip Segmentation and Mapping by Alan Wee-chung Liew (Author), Shilin Wang (Editor)

Hands and Feet Animation

Internet access (connectivity) in the BoF room is TBD. Leonard Daly's experience is the free access is slow because of the nature of conference attendees to use a lot of bandwidth but if you are a paying customer of privileged access the conference organizers value-added services, it's good.

The meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm Eastern, 23 Jul 2014