CAD WG meeting at Web3D Seoul Meeting 2013 1 28 Minutes

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CAD WG Minutes

TC184/SC4 Issues : JT as a CAD standard from ISO TC184/SC4

  • Web3D is asking ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24 what are the ISO procedures and rules for patents in ISO standards.
  • We might invite TC184/SC4 to brief JTC1/SC24 and X3D CAD Working Group on their new standard.
    • Dick please find/add link to relevant ISO standards documents
  • Does this standard include patents and licensing fees?
  • What is the precise status of JT as a specification?
  • Does Han SoonHung have any advice for us, I believe that he is our liaison to SC4/TC184
    • What should we do next? Teleconference later this week please...

NURBS code integration in Xj3D NPS branch

  • A working example, which can now be rendered from the NPS branch of Xj3D: . This was converted from a STEP file downloaded from the Elkhart Brass Co ( ), makers of fire-fighting equipment.
  • Hyo is working on improvements to NURBS nodes in Xj3D
  • Vince is providing changes to Don, we are testing Xj3D source NPS branch, when done we will upgrade primary Xj3D trunk
  • When we finish testing Xj3D on the X3D NURBS examples, NPS will work with Xj3D source list to update Xj3D trunk, we will conduct further testing on the x3d-public mailing list

X3DOM integration of CAD and NURBS nodes

  • Vince has already built an extension to X3DOM source for CAD product structure nodes
  • We are looking into how these improvements can be checked into X3DOM source on github (component or extension)
  • Can we have a separate CAD call about how to maintain these things?

At that point we can ask all browsers to update NURBS and CAD structure nodes... Goal is 2-3 weeks.

Outreach and Adoption Issues

  • We will work with Anita to prepare a CAD press release, again goal is 2-3 weeks.
  • We will all work with Fraunhofer to align X3DOM as part of this CAD+NURBS effort
  • We will also ask BitManagement BS Contact if they want to participate now or later... they might want to be part of the press release
  • Web3D public responses to JTOpen/Siemens/SC4 TC184 (if any) would follow that.