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Packages that use SFColor
The Core component supplies the base functionality for the X3D run-time system, including the abstract base node type, field types, the event model, and routing.
Nodes in the Environmental effects component support the creation of realistic environmental effects such as panoramic backgrounds and fog.
The X3D Java fields package provides a comprehensive set of strongly typed X3D Java classes for concrete implementation of X3D field types.
The Follower nodes (Chasers and Dampers) support dynamic creation of smooth parameter transitions at run time.
Interpolator nodes provide keyframe-based animation capability.
The Lighting component specifies how light sources are defined and positioned, as well as how lights effect the rendered image.
The Rendering component includes fundamental rendering primitives such as TriangleSet and PointSet nodes, as well as geometric properties nodes that define how coordinate indices, colors, normals and texture coordinates are specified.
The Shape component defines nodes for associating geometry with their visible properties and the scene environment.
TextureProjection nodes project texture images onto geometry in a scene.
The Texturing component specifies how 2D texture images are defined and then positioned on associated geometry.