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The Humanoid Animation (HAnim) component for X3D defines node bindings and other details for implementing ISO/IEC 19774, the HAnim International Specification.
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    HAnimDisplacer nodes alter the shape of coordinate-based geometry within parent HAnimJoint or HAnimSegment nodes.
    The HAnimHumanoid node is used to: (a) store references to the joints, segments, sites, skeleton, optional skin, and fixed viewpoints, (b) serve as a container for the entire humanoid, (c) provide a convenient way of moving the humanoid through its environment, and (d) store human-readable metadata such as name, version, author, copyright, age, gender and other information.
    HAnimJoint node can represent each joint in a body.
    An HAnimMotion node supports discrete frame-by-frame playback for HAnim motion data animation.
    HAnimSegment node contains Shape geometry for each body segment, providing a visual representation of the skeleton segment.
    An HAnimSite node serves three purposes: (a) define an "end effector" location which can be used by an inverse kinematics system, (b) define an attachment point for accessories such as jewelry and clothing, and (c) define a location for a Viewpoint virtual camera in the reference frame of an HAnimSegment (such as a view "through the eyes" of the humanoid for use in multi-user worlds).