Extensible 3D (X3D)
Part 1: Architecture and base components

Component index

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cube General

This index lists the components in alphabetical order by component title. The "Component" column lists the component title and includes links to the component specification. The "Name" column lists the component name used in the COMPONENT statement. The "Clause" column specifies the clause that contains the specification of the component.

Component Name Clause
Annotation CADGeometry 42
CAD geometry CADGeometry 32
Core Core 7
Cube map environmental texturing CubeMapTexturing 34
Distributed interactive simulation DIS 28
Environmental effects EnvironmentalEffects 24
Environmental sensor EnvironmentalSensor 22
Event utilities EventUtilities 30
Followers Followers 39
Geometry2D Geometry2D 14
Geometry3D Geometry3D 13
Geospatial Geospatial 25
Grouping Grouping 10
Humanoid animation (HAnim) HAnim 26
Interpolation Interpolation 19
Key device sensor KeyDeviceSensor 21
Layering Layering 35
Lighting Lighting 17
Navigation Navigation 23
Networking Networking 9
Particle systems ParticleSystems 40
Picking Picking 38
Pointing device sensor PointDeviceSensor 20
Programmable shaders Shaders 31
Rendering Rendering 11
Rigid body physics RigidBodyPhysics 37
Scripting Scripting 29
Shape Shape 12
Sound Sound 16
Text Text 15
Texture projection Texture projection 43
Texturing Texturing 18
Texturing3D Texturing3D 33
Time Time 8
Volume rendering VolumeRendering 41

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