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New and Prospective Web3D Members 

Our non-profitorganization is truly open, encouraging members to Influence Web3D technology to advance the future Web!  Members collaboratively develop the Consortium’s standard X3D and tools making them widely adopted across diverse markets. Why use X3D

If you are planning to use open source standards for your commercial products to deliver the best, time-tested, stable 3D content to your customers, now is the time to join the Web3D Consortium in this last stage to publishing ISO X3D 4.0 spec with several new features. Show the industry you are the leader who is helping make interoperable 3D a reality.  Benefits that come with Web3D membership. 

New members: Congratulations! on joining the Web3D Consortium. 

Quick Tips to get Started:

  1. Please apply for Web3D membership based on your memberhip level at  join the Web3D Consortium
  2. If already a member, log into to ensure that your username and password are correct
  3. Join the mailing lists
  4. Use Web3D calendar to participte in our working group calls
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Explore Your Possibilities with Web3D Consortium

Web3D Consortium is an international, non-profit, member-funded, industry standards development organization. Today, the Web3D Consortium is utilizing its broad-based industry support to develop the X3D specification, designed for sharing interactive 3D graphics on the Web, between applications and across distributed networks and web services. The Web3D Consortium encourages participation from organizations, professionals, students, and the 3D community. 

Benefits that come with Web3D membership: 

1. Influence Web3D technology and industry of the future by voting on standards
2. Show the industry you are the leader who is helping make interoperable 3D a reality
3. Partner with our members and speed time to market
4. Access to Industry-wide perspectives to help make informed strategic decisions
5. Learn lessons and best practices from industry leaders (avoiding costly mistakes!)
6. Get immediate access and influence on development of new Web3D standards
7. Voting in Board of Directors elections and draft specification submissions to ISO
8. Proposal partnerships with other members, liaisons with multiple standards organizations.
9. Draft specification documents access at Web3D Consortium github.

Helpful Resources

Need more information, contact our Executive Director, Anita Havele at