Extensible 3D (X3D) encodings
Part 3: Compressed binary encoding

Annex B


Node compressor registry

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cube B.1 Topics and introduction

B.1.1 Topics in this annex

This annex provides a registry of node compressors and their detailed element definitions in this part of ISO/IEC 19776. Table B.1 lists the topics in this clause:

Table B.1 — Topics in this annex

B.1 Table of contents and introduction
B.1.1 Table of contents
B.1.2 Introduction

B.1.2 Introduction

Domain-specific compressors can be assigned on a per-node basis. This registry defines the mapping of node and encoding values to specific techniques. Negative encoding values are reserved for private compressors. The interpretation of such compressors is implementation dependent.

The node compressor mappings specified by this part of ISO/IEC 19776 are listed in Table B.2:

Table B.2 — Node compressor mappings

Node name




All nodes



No compression performed

All nodes



Java3D geometric compression (reserved)

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