Extensible 3D (X3D) encodings
Part 2: Classic VRML encoding

3 Terms, definitions and abbreviated terms

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For the purposes of this part of ISO/IEC 19776, the definitions in ISO/IEC 19775-1 and the following definitions apply.

3.1 Terms and definitions

file extension

sequence of characters following the file name that specifies the type of file

file name

identifier of a file


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension used to specify file typing rules for Internet applications, including browsers

separator character

UTF-8 character used to separate syntactical entities in an X3D file encoded as defined in this part of ISO/IEC 19776

white space

One or more consecutive occurrences of a separator character

3.2 Abbreviated terms

Table 3.1 lists the abbreviated terms used in this part of ISO/IEC 19776. In the specification of an abbreviation, the letters in the abbreviated term used to form the abbreviation are presented in upper-case and other letters are presented in lower-case with one exception. When the abbreviated term includes another abbreviation that is used to form the abbreviation for that term, all the letters of the included abbreviation are presented in upper-case even if all of the letters are not used in the formed abbreviation.

Table 3.1 — Abbreviated terms
Abbreviation Abbreviated term
URL Universal Resouce Locator (see 2.[RFC1738])
UTF-8 UCS Transformation Format (8-bit) (see ISO/IEC 10646)
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language (see ISO/IEC 14772)

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