Table 25.1

In the HTML, change the hyperlink for 25.4 to "#SupportLevels".

25.3.4, node signature

In the node header, replace "X3DGroupingNode" with "X3DChildNode, X3DBoundedObject"

Remove the addChildren and removeChildren fields.

Insert the following text as a new field after the children field:

  SFInt32 [out] level_changed

25.3.4, 5th paragraph

Replace the sixth sentence with the following text:

“The child URLs shall be arranged in the same order as in the figure; i.e., child1Url represents the bottom-left quadtree child.”

25.3.4, 7th paragraph

Replace the paragraph with the following text:

“The children field is used to expose a portion of the scene graph for the currently loaded set of nodes. The value returned as an event is an MFNode containing the currently selected tile. This will either be the node specified by the rootNode field or the nodes specified by the child1Url, child2Url, child3Url, and child4Url fields. The GeoLOD node shall generate a new children output event each time the scene graph is changed (EXAMPLE whenever nodes are loaded or unloaded). When the new children event is generated, the GeoLOD node shall also generate a level_changed event with value 0 or 1 indicating the value of the whichChoice field of the Switch node.”

25.3.6, node signature

Change the access type of the geoSystem field from "[in, out]" to "[]" and move the field to follow the metadata field.

25.3.8 GeoTouchSensor node signature

Insert the following field definition as the new first field:

‘  SFString [in,out] description    ""’


Insert the following text as the second paragraph:

“The description field in the GeoTouchSensor node specifies a textual description of the GeoTouchSensor node. This may be used by browser-specific user interfaces that wish to present users with more detailed information about the GeoTouchSensor.”


In the HTML, change the bookmark for 25.4 to "SupportLevels".