Information technology — Computer graphics, image processing and environmental data representation — Part 2:  Humanoid animation (HAnim) motion data animation

1 Scope

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This document specifies the method of motion-capture animation using HAnim humanoid models. Each humanoid model consists of an articulated character with specified joints and motion-capture data. As specified in ISO/IEC 19774-1, each character consists of joints and segments in a hierarchical structure.

This document includes the following:

  1. Concepts of motion capture as related to humanoid animation,
  2. Concepts of motion-capture data,
  3. Definitions of motion parameters and motion-capture animation data for transferring or exchanging motion between different humanoid character models,
  4. Mapping the structure of motion-capture data to the structure of HAnim objects,
  5. HAnim motion-capture animation using interpolators,
  6. HAnim motion definition using HAnim Motion objects, and
  7. A method for generating and specifying an HAnim motion-capture animation

This document specifies a standard technique for exchanging humanoid animation using motion-capture. It does not mandate using any specific run-time system to render the HAnim characters or animations.

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