Part 2:  Humanoid animation (HAnim) motion data animation


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With advancements in scanning and capture devices, sophisticated and detailed humanoid models can be generated. These models are used in many application areas related to humanoid modelling and animation. ISO/IEC 19774-1 Humanoid animation (HAnim) Part 1: Architecture supports the exchange of humanoid model data between various applications in heterogeneous computing environments. However, functionality that defines motion has been added to allow for the exchange of humanoid animation using scanned or captured data.

This document specifies the definition of motion for HAnim characters. It defines the data exchange format of humanoid animation generated using human models obtained by graphics tools, scanning devices and captured motion. It focuses on the motion definition for humanoid models designed according to ISO/IEC 19774-1 Humanoid animation (HAnim) Part 1: Architecture. Modelling, rendering, and humanoid hierarchy features necessary for the human motion definition are as specified in ISO/IEC 19774-1. The concept of HAnim motion definition is specified in this document. It specifies a motion-capture interface when using captured motion for generating humanoid animation. In addition, it includes procedures and prototypes for modelling HAnim characters using various graphics tools.

The usage of the functionality in this document can be extended to include HAnim human behaviour prototypes, interfaces with various scanning data, and a 3D skinning and recording interface for humanoid animation.

The functionality of Motion objects is directly derived from the Biovision Hierarchy (BVH) file format, which was originally produceds by Biovision, a defunct motion-capture services company [BIOVISION]. The BVH character-animation file format was developed to save and reuse motion-capture (mocap) data. Although BVH itself is widely used and many mocap datasets are saved using those conventions, the format has not been formally specified and different implementations may vary. Such data is expected to be compatible or convertible to this standard. Design of this standard is sufficiently general to handle a variety of motion-capture data inputs.

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