H-Anim Motion Data Animation V2 (DIS)

Specification Type: 
ISO/IEC DIS 19774-2
Common Name: 
Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) : Motion Data Animation
Draft International Standard (DIS)
Document Date: 
Tuesday, 2018, August 21

Document submitted to ISO 2018-05-31.

This version (2018-08-21) corrects several broken links. Document now sucessfully passes the link check.

Revision of previous version to correct some labeling errors on 2018-04-27.

Public DIS pre-release (prior to ISO submission) on 2018-04-01.


CD ballot completion date: 2016-10-14


From the New Work Item Proposal:

This work defines an exchangeable data model for humanoid animation that can be used in heterogeneous computing environments. It includes the data exchange format of humanoid animation, H-Anim human behavior prototypes, interfaces with various scanning data, and a 3D skinning and recording interface for humanoid animation. In addition, it includes the procedure for modelling H-Anim characters using general graphics tools.

The new work to be addressed is a revision of H-Anim 2 in the Extensible 3D (X3D) Part 1: Architecture and base components 26 Humanoid Animation (H-Anim) component specification and based on ISO/IEC 19774 - Humanoid Animation (H-Anim).

The revision work includes the following:

  1. Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion from captured motion data
  2. Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion using 3D scanner data
  3. Definition of a humanoid character model capable of generating motion using a general motion definition such as keyframe, interpolation, kinematics, and dynamics for human figures
  4. Definition of motion parameters for transferring or exchanging motion between different human character models
  5. Definition of a motion data interface for including motion data
  6. Definition of a motion viewer’s functionality
  7. Definition of interoperable human behavior prototypes
  8. Definition of 3D skinning interface
  9. Definition of recording interface for human motion
  10. Provision for easier exchange of characters from design systems to H-Anim systems

This work is intended to define a standard model for humanoid animation including motion interfaces. It is an enhancement to the original H-Anim model of ISO/IEC 19774, and ISO/IEC 19774 Working Draft Amendment 1 in progress.