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VRML Tools and Applications

While X3D has superceded VRML97, X3D is backwards compatible with VRML content, so many VRML applications may still be useful in creating content for the modern standard and be useful in their own right

This is a listing of VRML-savvy applications for consumers, professionals, and developers ranging from games, to content creation, to vertical market applications, to developer tools. If you know of an VRML application that is not listed, please Submit it to our database.

You may search the application database by keyword, license type, or platform

VRML Content Authoring & Editing Tools
Tools for authoring VRML objects, scenes, behaviors, and character animation

VRML Viewers, Browsers & Plug-ins (13)  
VRML file and scene viewers, web browsers & viewer plug-ins

VRML Developer Toolkits and Libraries
Tools to help developers create VRML applications and integrate VRML-support into existing applications

VRML File Translators & Utilities
Utilities for optimizing and translating 3D data for import and/or use in VRML applications

VRML Market-Specific Applications
VRML applications that are targeted for use in specific vertical markets such as simulation, CAD, geographic mapping, medical and prototyping

VRML Collaboration Applications
VRML applications for online collaboration and communication in virtual environments.

VRML Games, Entertainment, and Education
Games, entertainment applications, and media-rich educational applications

There are 36 applications listings.




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