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X3D Example Archives: VRML 2 Sourcebook, Chapter 18 Texture Mapping

[1] Figure18_19TextureCoordinateTest.x3d - Testing 1 2 3
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Figure 18.27 Rotating Fan Animated Texture Transform

Texture coordinates transform and map pixels in a 2D image onto specific 3D points.

Texture images are in a texture coordinate system. By default, an entire texture image is mapped once around the shape. You can also extract only pieces of interest, or create repeating patterns. Texture coordinates and indexes describe a texture cookie cutter. Texture transforms translate, rotate, and scale place the cookie cutter. Texture indexes bind the cut-out cookie texture to a face on a shape.

These X3D scenes are adapted directly from the original VRML 2.0 Sourcebook chapter examples. Also available: Introduction to VRML97 SIGGRAPH98 course notes.

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Figure 18 19 Texture Coordinate Test.x3d    
[1] Figure18_19TextureCoordinateTest.x3d - Testing 1 2 3
[2] Figure18_19TextureCoordinateTest.x3d - (default X3D view from 0 0 10)

Figure 18 20b Texture Coordinate Pizza Slice.x3d    
[3] Figure18_20bTextureCoordinatePizzaSlice.x3d - Hey got more?
[4] Figure18_20bTextureCoordinatePizzaSlice.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 21 Texture Coordinate Pizza Slice.x3d    
[5] Figure18_21TextureCoordinatePizzaSlice.x3d - Hey pepperoni
[6] Figure18_21TextureCoordinatePizzaSlice.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 22b Texture Coordinate Video Wall.x3d    
[7] Figure18_22bTextureCoordinateVideoWall.x3d - Transformed texture window
[8] Figure18_22bTextureCoordinateVideoWall.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 23b Texture Coordinate Grillwork.x3d    
[9] Figure18_23bTextureCoordinateGrillwork.x3d - Transformed texture grillwork
[10] Figure18_23bTextureCoordinateGrillwork.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 24 Texture Coordinate Rotated Grillwork Fence.x3d    
[11] Figure18_24TextureCoordinateRotatedGrillworkFence.x3d - Fence made of rotated translated texture grillwork
[12] Figure18_24TextureCoordinateRotatedGrillworkFence.x3d -

Figure 18 25b Texture Transform Brick Box.x3d    
[13] Figure18_25bTextureTransformBrickBox.x3d - Brick Box
[14] Figure18_25bTextureTransformBrickBox.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 26b Uncorrected Texture San Diego Bay.x3d    
[15] Figure18_26bUncorrectedTextureSanDiegoBay.x3d - Uncorrected texture, San Diego Bay
[16] Figure18_26bUncorrectedTextureSanDiegoBay.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 26c Corrected Texture San Diego Bay.x3d    
[17] Figure18_26cCorrectedTextureSanDiegoBay.x3d - Uncorrected texture, San Diego Bay
[18] Figure18_26cCorrectedTextureSanDiegoBay.x3d - (default X3D view)

Figure 18 27 Rotating Fan Animated Texture Transform.x3d    
[19] Figure18_27RotatingFanAnimatedTextureTransform.x3d - That feels good
[20] Figure18_27RotatingFanAnimatedTextureTransform.x3d -

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