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VRML Viewers, Browsers & Plug-ins

An open-source(R) VRML and X3D browser written by a group of developers, who wish to produce a high quality, up to date, browser that is in the public domain. The intention is enable Shared Virtual Worlds, and to look good, too. So, while the rendering is great, the control of FreeWRL is fantastic. FreeWRL supports Javascript, Java Class invocation, and the EAI version 1 spec. You can control the scene by the mouse, keyboard, joystick, motion sensors, or just about anything you care to patch in - use the existing code base and adapt it for your sensor, and send the new code in!

GLView is a sS3D File Viewer available as Direct 3D and OpenGL Versions. It is free and unsupported and available under the blaxxun - Web3D community source licence.

A free cross-platform runtime for VRML available under the GNU LGPL. Includes simple browser example.

3Space Assistant is a CAD/VRML model viewer which acts as an OLE server and or VRML plug-in. It supports stereoscopic viewing, polygon reduction, vectorized hardcopy output, choices of transparency, and 3D annotation.

VRML 97 Browser written in Java. Supports Javascript, Open Inventor for rendering, and stereoscopic rendering.

Works as a highly interactive VRML viewer plug-in for popular Internet browsers and office applications. Complete VRML 97 support, including Java and JavaScript support, hardware acceleration, stereoscopic rendering, automation interface.

Cortona VRML Client for Mac is an add-on for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator which is capable of browsing virtual worlds written in VRML.

Cortona VRML Client for Mac OS X is a fast and highly interactive Web3D viewer that is ideal for viewing both simple 3D models and complex interactive solutions on the Web. This is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer, iCab, Mozilla, OmniWeb and Opera browsers.

One of the more popular VRML plugins, although it is no longer being updated and is not being supported technically. Compliant with VRML97.

Web 3D engine with API for Java 1.1 & JavaScript and support for VRML97. Artists can create web 3D by appending keywords to object names to control otations, material and texture map changes. It requires no plug-ins for users to download.

View VRML and other 3D (mostly CAD) formats. ActiveX and Windows application. Publish and dramatically compress VRML files as 3DF files with Visual Rights(tm).

VRML97 viewer, with model's parts controling (Lights, separate objects), importing one file to onother.

Pocket Cortona is the first ever 3D VRML browser for viewing local VRML scenes as well as VRML content distributed over the Internet on wireless devices (PDAs, cell phones, etc.) and set-top boxes powered by OS Windows CE 3.x.


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