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Web3D Consortium

The Web3D Consortium is a public and private industry supported non-profit international standards organization committed to the creation and deployment of a royalty free, open standard for communicating real-time 3D graphics on the web. Today the Consortium develops and deploys the ISO Certified Extensible 3D graphics (X3D) standard. X3D defines the file format and run-time architecture to represent and communicate 3D scenes and objects using XML. X3D applications are real-time, interactive, animated systems that can run stand-alone or in networked virtual environments. The X3D specification is developed by the Consortium‘s Working Groups: A technical committee of experts that researches and proposes solutions within specific vertical markets. The Consortium works closely with the W3C, OGC, DICOM and ISO. Web3D has cooperative agreements with these and other standards bodies to promote 3D solutions to diverse industries.

Why Join The Web3D Consortium

Use of X3D is growing with content and applications in various sectors and across all hardware platforms. Join an innovative community of developers who see this standard as the future for real-time 3D graphics applications over networks. Join us in developing the X3D specification and gain early access to the standard. Networking with leading Web3D technology experts and learn how you can advance your 3D applications and products. To join, visit us at

X3D Highlights

X3D is a step above OpenGL/DirectX in abstraction. With X3D one can output meaningful representations of their data without understanding low-level graphics. X3D‘s intention is to bring 3D graphics to a wider audience, one not necessarily trained in the art of 3D graphics programming.

X3D Applications

The Web3D family of specifications provides a system for the storage, retrieval and playback of real time 3D graphics content embedded in applications, all within an open architecture to support a wide array of domains and user scenarios. X3D has a rich set of componentized features that can be tailored for use on several platforms in Engineering and Scientific Visualization, CAD and Architecture, Medical Visualization, Virtual Worlds, GeoSpatial, Training and Simulation, Education, Multimedia, Entertainment, Navigation and more.