[X3D-Public] The Network Sensor is not enough

Christoph Valentin christoph.valentin at gmx.at
Fri Jan 7 19:00:22 PST 2011

Dear members of the X3D-public

When comparing Network sensor and DIS, you will find, that DIS is quite 
specialized, but it's easy for the developer of the scene to use DIS, where 
the Network Sensor is very general, but the scene author has to define and 
implement a lot of specifics, before he can use the Network Sensor.

This was my impression at least.

Such topics like
  - reusability of models and modules (given a module is a part of the 
     in different scenes from different authors
  - implementing central services, that are (currently) not available on 
the collaboration server
  - interactivity and animation

are not very well defined, so each company, each framework, each author 
uses very different approaches.

It's my impression, at least.

If you agree to this, the following text might be interesting for you, 
otherwise you can stop reading here.

Since IMHO the Network Sensor has a lot of advantages, too, I think it 
would be worth to play around with the possibilities (goal is an evolution 
of the standard) and started an open source project, which is mainly a 

A short introduction at: 
The project at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/simulrr

This playground could be used by others interested, too.

I know the sourceforge project has still a lot of weaknesses (poor chat, 
poor GUI, written entirely in ECMAScript, uses currently only one multiuser 
server......), but I decided to post NOW at X3D-Public, because NOW we have 
a lot of discussions regarding "doing things within the scene" or "doing 
things outside the scene" (because of the declarative 3D discussion) and it 
fits here.

It's a private hobby project and I am not backed by a company, but it 
*could* become a topic for my employer.

Have fun
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