[X3D-Public] XJ3D - Java user.dir

Dark Before Dawn dark.before.dawn at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 09:43:39 PDT 2011

Hi there,
I am playing arround with xj3d lately and loading x3d files via 

 > scene = x3dBrowser.createX3DFromStream(new FileInputStream(new 

The box in this correspodning x3d file has a relative image texture 
"textures/flower.png". This texture won't display in xj3d browser.

I think this has something to do with the java systemproperty "user.dir" 
which points to "C:\workspace\project" when launching the project from 
My first thought was to change the user.dir to the location where my x3d 
file is. But this will also change the java systemproperty 
"java.library.path" which was "./lib" where my xj3d binaries were located.
After changing "user.dir" to "C:\\x3d\\" the "java.library.path" will 
point to "C:\\x3d\\lib". Which results in a UnsatisfiedLinkError because 
jogl is not found.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

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