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From: Nicholas F. Polys <npolys at vt.edu>
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HI all~

We had a great turnout for our BOF meeting at SIGGRAPH this year ("3D 
Medical Visualization Using X3D") ! The standing room overflow shows 
that the graphics community is excited about our work and developments. 
The Working group and membership continue to innovate and coordinate 
with visual and haptic renderings and real applications; join us!
Slides from the BOF are posted at the url below.

We have also posted a new set of materials related to X3D 3.3 Clause 41 
Volume component.
These include the ISO PDAM spec currently under comment, screen 
captures, video captures
 and a set of X3D examples w/ volume data:


We look forward to  your comments and suggestions!

with best regards,



Nicholas F. Polys Ph.D.

Director of Visual Computing
Virginia Tech Information Technology

Affiliate Professor
Virginia Tech Computer Science

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